Harmonize Your Life

A unique 10-session women’s holistic programme for mind, body and soul.

Reconnect with your energy and joy for a new sense of fulfilment and wellbeing.


Imagine waking each day and feeling totally at ease in your mind, body and spirit. That’s the power of this harmonizing process.


This gentle yet powerful 10-session programme is delivered one-to-one and face-to-face in relaxing environments across Cornwall. 


Together, we'll work across a whole season to reconnect you with your authentic self, your life purpose, your natural rhythms and your sense of happiness.


We use a variety of holistic tools to examine where your life is at, and where you want it to be. You’ll make small changes that have big results, naturally weaving a new level of awareness and wellbeing into every area of your life.


Week 1 - current life evaluation

Week 2 - reconnect with your soul essence and true nature

Week 3 - explore how you see your inner self Week 4 - connecting and appreciating the different parts of yourself

Week 5 - review your boundaries and learn to protect your energy

Week 6 - tap into your unique strengths

Week 7 - balance your feminine and masculine energy

Week 8 - the art of non-negotiable mind, body and soul nourishment

Week 9 - how to lead a heart-led life for maximum fulfilment

Week 10 - release the fear and embrace your balanced life


Bonus session - a time to check-in, boost and realign a few weeks after the programme.

  • Duration: 2 x 90-minute sessions, 8 x 60-minute sessions (12 hours total)

  • Location: Face-to-face across Cornwall

Get in touch to find out more about this programme and what it could do for you.

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Based in Newquay, Cornwall 

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