Fiona, Bristol

On Harmonize Your Life: It has brought me into the moment of this precious life. Reminded me that it's definitely OK to put myself first so that I can be the best version of myself, for myself and for others. It's a subtle, gentle approach to potentially unlocking huge change for the better. Kate has a brilliant sense of humour, is clearly a very experienced coach and I felt very safe in the space.

Nancy, Brighton

Changed my whole thought process. Absolutely loved every minute with Kate. The sessions were inspiring. I needed some positive motivation and Kate gave that to me. She has set me on the right path for a positive future.

Hayley, London

The best thing about the process is it moves you forwards, and is totally empowering. Plus it’s not only during the session the coaching has helped me; I’ve learnt to think about things in a new way, which is a great skill to take away from the sessions. Kate being easy to talk to, yet professional, made the sessions something I really looked forward to.

Sarah, Cambridgeshire

I found it extremely helpful to work with Kate. She has a really positive, upbeat and encouraging manner. Her insightful questions, and calm, non-judgemental listening skills really helped me to get clarity on the issue I was grappling with, and develop a plan of action for myself which I have a lot of confidence that I can achieve. Thank you, Kate!

Miranda, Bristol

On Harmonize Your Life: Kate is very calming to be around. She has a good knowledge of how to focus and work to achieve what you want from life. This process works well for me because it's gentle and non-invasive, as well as being very personal for whoever decides to embark on the journey of self discovery.

Ines, London

The sessions with Kate had an extremely positive impact in my life and crucial to move forward with branding my new project. Within only 3 session with Kate, I was able to have a clear vision of how I want to move forward and what was my next steps. Kate’s invaluable experience and coaching technique help me to get rid of limiting beliefs that were stopping me to move forward and to consider new possibilities. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kate for her time, patience and support turning my ideas into reality. I highly recommend Kate to anyone looking into setting up a new business or rebranding, as I believe Kate is a FANTASTIC inspirational coach.

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